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Benefits of Cremation

People choose cremation because they believe it to be the right choice for them. It’s a deeply personal decision and is usually based on:

financial Reasons

The cost of cremation is often a fraction of the cost of a traditional burial. On average, cremation is generally 45-50% cheaper than burial. Cremation allows you to avoid the big purchases of items like a headstone and a casket. 

the desire for simplicity

Cremation is a simple process; the body is transferred straight to the crematory and everything is done within hours of completing the necessary paperwork. Often times, when people choose a traditional funeral they choose to have their loved one buried as well. In contrast, cremation is more associated with memorial services and celebrations of life. A traditional funeral involves many more components such as a wake, gathering pallbearers, organizing a mass with a church, coordinating the burial with the cemetery, and much more. Memorial service and celebrations of life can be much simpler if you choose them to be. Since these ceremonies are more based on what you want and are less about common rituals, you can choose the simplicity of the ceremonies. 

the need for flexibility

A memorial service after a cremation can be arranged at a time that's convenient for family members. There is no rush to put together a ceremony that family and friends would not be able to attend due to geographical or financial constraints.

The Intention to More Fully Commemorate a Loved One

A service can be planned for weeks, even months, after the cremation. This means more people can plan to be involved and there’s plenty of time to gather meaningful scriptural passages, poetry, literary quotes, music, photos and/or videos.

enviromental concerns

Cremation is considered to be more environmentally friendly than burial. Often the deceased is embalmed using harsh chemicals for a wake before he/she is buried. People have been critical that these chemicals can seep through a casket and create water and soil pollution. Secondly, burial plots take up land space and disturbs the Earth to inter a casket. Crematories do release carbon emissions into the air, but new technology is really starting to reduce the amount and impact. 

Decisions to Make when preparing for Cremation

  • Who will perform the cremation?
  • Should you purchase an urn?
  • What will you do with the cremated remains?
  • What kind of remembrance ceremony would you like to have and when?
  • Where and how can you scatter ashes for a scattering ashes ceremony?

You may wish to keep the remains at your home until you feel ready to let go of them or when all family members can be present for a cremation scattering ceremony. Our professional staff can advise you on unique ways to memorialize a loved one using the cremated remains, including the creation of art glass objects.

We can also recommend firms in the area that specialize in scattering the cremated remains at sea or in the air. Contact us today to explore cremation options and the many creative ways you can memorialize a loved one.

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