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Cremation services in hamburg, pa

Hamburg, Pa Cremation Services 

One of our specialties is direct cremation services in Hamburg, Pa. Direct cremation refers to a simple cremation service without any type of ceremony or funeral. Direct cremation is ideal for those who want a simple service and want the most affordable cremation option. Essentially the direct cremation service fee covers the completion of the necessary paperwork, removal of the deceased from the place of death, and the actual cremation of the deceased. Go to our Cremation Facts section for information on how cremation works and answers to cremation questions we often receive.

our cremation service includes:

  • Conducting the arrangement conference
  • Obtaining the necessary permits and completing the required paperwork
  • Placing the obituary and death notices where appropriate
  • We will transport your loved one from his/her place of death to our crematory

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Hamburg, PA cremation Options 

We have many years of experience serving families in Reading, so we fully understand and respect your decisions. Not only that, we will take all the time you may need to make an informed decision. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our direct cremation services and costs.

affordable Cremation Society with a crematory in Hamburg, Pa

While many funeral homes and cremation providers use third-party crematories to actually handle the cremation, we own our crematorium and handle the entire process. In this respect, we can ensure the quality of service will remain high.

As the trusted cremation society in the Reading area, we consider ourselves to be cremation experts, and therefore with any cremation package you choose you can expect:

Attention to Detail

Our team takes care of all the paperwork involved with the cremation. We make sure all the required permits and paperwork are completed accurately so they can be approved by local/state agencies.

Professional Service

Your loved one will be cared for by one of cremation operators who have been thoroughly trained in the cremation process.

Affordable Cremation with No Unnecessary Fees

We know funeral and cremation costs can be scary for most families. That is why we have worked hard to offer affordable prices while not compromising the quality of service. For the first time we talk we are transparent about what is included with each cremation service.

Safeguarding and Prompt Return of the Ashes

We know it's important for the families we serve to know their loved one will be coming home as soon as possible. That's why we promise to notify you as soon as their ashes become available and safeguard their urn until you are ready to receive it.

veterans cremation services in Hamburg, pa

You'll no doubt agree with us: we all owe a debt of gratitude to our nation's veterans. And because we feel so strongly, each of us has made a commitment to provide the highest levels of professional and personal attention in our veterans cremation services. Our pledge to veterans and the families who love them is a simple one: when you come to us, you will receive nothing less than the finest in veterans' services. We invite you to read on to learn more about our cremation services for veterans and their families; send an email using the form on our Contact Us page. 

Our modern crematory 

It is important to us to provide families that would like to participate in the cremation process, comfort and privacy. Our local crematorium in Reading is a secure building that we own and operate from our funeral home in Reading. It is operated by our licensed staff with no third party contractors being used.

Our witnessing room is a private space designed with families in mind. The room features comfortable seating, a private washroom, and a witnessing window. For those that are interested in viewing the cremation process, the main area of the crematory is visible from the window.

In some cases, families like to be involved with the cremation process. The main area our Reading crematory is fully accessible from the witnessing room. If you are interested in actively participating in the process, our staff will be happy to explain the process to you and allow for participation when appropriate.

benefits of cremation 

While there are many reasons someone might choose cremation in Reading, PA over burial, the simple answer comes down to six main things: cost, simplicity, flexibility, environmental concerns, cemetery availability, and religions becoming less strict.


As with most major purchases today, money is almost always a deciding factor for most people. When you look at the general price list for most funeral homes, you will often find that the cost of a cremation service is less than a burial service. On average, the price of a cremation service is around 45-50% cheaper than a burial service. Because there is no need to purchase items like a casket, vault, or headstone, families can use these savings to help the surviving family or offset the costs of the service. These savings can also be used to plan a more meaningful celebration of life or memorial service.

Environmental Concerns

Many see cremation as a greener option for caring for their loved one's remains. Burial often uses harsh chemicals to embalm the remains for a funeral service. This leads to concerns that those chemicals can contaminate the environment. Burial also takes up land space and disturbs the earth by bury the casket. While a crematory does release emissions, new equipment is constantly being developed to reduce the pollution and environmental impact.

Cemetery Availability

If a particular cemetery is a popular or desired place to be buried, eventually it will become full. More and more cemeteries are becoming completely full, and due to short supply of spaces the price of burial plots is in turn, increasing. Cremation allows you to avoid the trouble and stress of finding a burial plot.  Many families decide to scatter the ashes as their loved one's favorite place.


Simplicity is another reason why cremation is better for most families. When planning a burial service for a loved one, you must spend time away from your family to select a cemetery, organize pallbearers, purchase a casket and complete many other tasks. Cremation offers a more simplified process which requires less of your time away from your family. This means you can spend the days following your loved one’s passing with family and friends as you comfort one another and mourn together.


A cremation service also allows for more flexibility. Since you can host a celebration of life or a memorial service weeks or even months after the cremation, you are not constrained by time. This means you can take your time to plan a more meaningful service and ensure guests can plan ahead and schedule themselves to be there. Furthermore, celebrations of life and memorial services do not operate on common traditions and rituals that traditional funerals do. Celebrations of life and memorial services give you the flexibility to make the ceremony much more personal and unique. They can take place almost anywhere and can take any type of format and style that you want.

Religions Becoming Less Strict

Many people are starting to move away from tradition due to religions having a more relaxed stance on cremation. Catholics believe that the soul is immortal and does not depend on the physical body. Since cremation of the deceased's remains do not affect his or her soul, according to the Church, there are no doctrinal objections to the practice (Bryner, 2016). The less strict beliefs of the Catholic church are becoming another reason that people are choosing cremation rather than burial.

We're Here To Help You

If you are still unsure if cremation is the right option for you or your loved one, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information regarding the benefits of cremation. We have helped many families choose why cremation is or is not the right choice for them and would be honored to assist you as well. 

If you are interested in an affordable cremation society in or near Hamburg, PA, get in touch with The Cremation Society of Berks County.  We monitor all aspects of the cremation process and will ensure that everything is handled properly and with the utmost care.

Hamburg Attractions

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About Hamburg, Pennsylvania

Hamburg is located in northern Berks County at 40°33′0″N 75°59′0″W (40.556271, −75.982667),[4] on the east bank of the Schuylkill River. It is bordered on the north, east, and south by Windsor Township and on the west, across the river, by West Hamburg in Tilden Township.  Click the following link for more info on Hamburg Boro

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