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AffOrdable Cremation Services

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Cremation is a popular option for many people for a wide variety of reasons. You can have a traditional funeral service before a cremation or a memorial service at any time with or without the urn present. You can keep the urn, scatter the cremated remains or have the urn buried in a grave or columbarium. When choosing a cremation, we’re here to offer you a meaningful ceremony.

choosing Affordable cremation Options

Given the religious, ethnic, and regional diversity among us, there are many other reasons for the dramatic rise in the number of cremations performed each year. According to Tyler Mathisen of NBC, one of those reasons "is the softening of the Catholic church's views of the practice. For centuries—until 1963, in fact—the church outlawed it. The church's laws still express a preference for burial. But the outright ban is a thing of the past."

He goes on to tell readers that the decline in nuclear families is another reason. "As more Americans live far from hometowns and parents, and as family burial plots have waned in popularity and accessibility, millions have turned to cremation as a practical and cost-effective way to care for a loved one's remains."

Cremation also allows a family the flexibility they may need in planning and preparing for a memorial service, celebration-of-life, or a scattering ceremony. The decisions required in planning a meaningful memorial for a loved one can be made in a relaxed, rational way. Most families prefer not to have the urn present for a memorial service which allows more flexibility in planning however, if you want the cremated remains present for the service please let the funeral director know and would recommend not scheduling until the cremation process is complete.

You can also be sure that concern for the environment ranks high among many who choose cremation. Casketed do take up cemetery space and for that reason alone some families prefer cremation. 

direct cremation explained

Direct cremation is a personal choice, often made because of a personal preference or financial restraints. Typically, the body is not embalmed or prepared for viewings or visitations; there are no visitations or funeral ceremonies at the time of death; there is no need for a casket since a specialized cremation container is all that is required; and a memorial service can be held at any time at any location determined by the family. A funeral professional's direct cremation fee and total cost will include disbursements (transportation of remains, legal documents, obituary, etc.).

Essentially, direct cremation is the starting point; you and your family can choose from the various additional services and merchandise. It's your choice: The Funeral You Want — No More, No Less.

Following the cremation process, family members can choose from a number of options for final disposition: inter in cemetery plot or place in columbarium, scatter, or keep urn in another location.

A memorial service of any kind can be coordinated at any time, in any location following the cremation. Some type of ceremony is recommended because it provides family and friends with the opportunity to say a final goodbye, share memories, and support one another. The diversity of a memorial service is only limited by the imagination of family members arranging the event.

For many, these services will often be followed by some sort of reception or gathering designed to provide support and thanks for coming. The location of these receptions can range from the family home, reception facilities, restaurants or favorite places of the deceased.

Veterans Cremation Services

What differentiates our veterans cremation services from those of other cremation providers? Affordability aside, it's our experience and expertise in dealing with the three facets of veterans funeral and cremation care:

  • Thorough and timely completion of documents related to obtaining military and social security death and funeral benefits, in addition to the completion of the death certificate and all required permits related to cremation and transportation of the deceased.
  • Private cremation performed by certified crematory operators in a process governed by proven identification and verification measures.
  • Coordination with federal and local veterans' organizations for the performance of military honors at the veteran funeral ceremony, memorial service, or at the time of committal in the cemetery of your choice.

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