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Published: November 3, 2022
by Melissa A. Sommers, PA Licensed Funeral Director & Supervisor for Cremation Society of Berks County, Inc.

It can be one of the most stressful and hard periods when a loved one dies and leaves the world for eternity. You are left with so many memories, heartache, and sadness. But that is not where the complexity of death ends. To add to the grief of death, you also have to take care of the dead body.

What do you do with it, and how do you make all the arrangements? Cremation is one of the ways of disposing of the body with respect and dignity. Cremation services are usually carried out at a cost by different service providers. The cremation cost varies with the extent and kind of cremation service you want.

Simple cremation costs less than carrying out an extensive funeral. If you live in Readings, PA, and coping with the death of a loved one, here is what you should know about the cost of cremation in Reading.

What Is Cremation?

In cremation, intense heat is used to reduce the body to bare bones, anywhere from three to seven pounds lighter. These reduced fragments are called ashes. They are pale to dark grey in color. These ashes or remains of the dead can be stored on a shelf or mantle. You can also scatter them at some special place.

What Does Cremation Cost?

The average cremation cost Reading is more than $4600, but this amount can be reduced depending on the type of cremation service you intend to carry out. If the cremation service provider you choose offers reasonable prices, you may be able to get the cremation services and hold a memorial for as low as $1600.

The direct cremation option is the one with the lowest cremation cost. This simple cremation service is highly affordable. In this direct cremation, the service providers take the corpse with them, store it in their shelter, wait for the legal paperwork to be finished and done, and then cremate the body. The cremated remains are returned to the family members.

The cremation cost for this service is the easiest on the pocket. You can choose to hold a memorial service for the deceased later on your own. The memorial service can be held at a special place, at home, in a place of worship like the church, or at some other place. This can significantly reduce the cost of cremation and holding a funeral.

The cost of cremation in a direct way in Reading is around $1300.

In other forms of cremation services, the service provider can also arrange a funeral according to your needs. This will certainly cost more than direct cremation. So, the cremation price will vary depending on the type of service you choose in Reading.

Types Of Cremation Services

The cremation cost in Reading will depend on the type of cremation service you choose. There are usually three options for cremation services available.

The first one has already been discussed, which is the direct cremation service. It doesn’t require any ceremony for the dead. The cremation is directly performed by the service providers, and the remains are sent to the family. The cremation cost for this type of service is the lowest and most affordable.

In another type of cremation service, the cremation is performed with the funeral ceremony. The body is cremated, and there is a casket as well. The funeral service is arranged and hosted in full. The cremation of the body is performed after the funeral. The cost of cremation Reading for this type of service is the highest as it combines everything in one package.

Another type of cremation service you can go for is the memorial service. The difference between a memorial service and a funeral is that in a funeral, the body is present, and there is a casket. In the memorial service, the body must not necessarily be present or even the cremated remains.

The service is being carried out in remembrance of the deceased person. These might or might not be arranged by service providers as these don’t include cremation services. But you can always hold a memorial on your own at any place and time that suits you best.

In the memorial service by the service providers, there is no need to perform embalming on the body and present it properly in a casket, unlike in a funeral. So, the cremation price for this type of service is significantly lower than the funeral service but higher than the direct cremation service.

Why Opt For A Cremation?

Cremation is the main way of disposing of bodies in some cultures around the world. It is now becoming a preferred way for most people to dispose of their bodies in an affordable and dignified way.

The cremation process is easy, affordable, and eco-friendly. The cremation price is half or even less compared to the burial ceremony. For people who are looking for no-fuss and less chaotic ways to carry out the disposing of, cremation provides a sensible way to do that.

There are other families who can’t afford the cost of burial or high cremation prices with the funeral, so they can opt for direct cremation and save a lot of expenses. This is an affordable alternative for families struggling with financial issues.

How To Choose The Right Cremation Service?

The best way to choose a cremation service is to look for a friendly and family-operated business. The more corporate the service providers are, the more stress you will have to face. This is an already stressful time, and you don’t need more frustration.

To hold a straightforward cremation service, choose businesses that provide simple ways of getting the last rites of the deceased. Don’t get involved in complicated processes. For example, the Cremation Society of Berks County Inc. is operated by a family, and it helps distressed individuals in Reading deal with the loss of their loved ones. They provide a hassle-free way to cremate the deceased members of the family. This service provider is located right outside Reading Pennsylvania. The cremation cost Reading for their services is very affordable.

You can choose the Cremation Society of Berks County Inc. to make arrangements for your deceased loved ones from the comfort of your home. You can visit their website for more information.

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